Double Digital: The PM Drop for the Dads

Vol. 1, No. 10

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In today’s Father’s Day afternoon installment:

  • Sony’s vertical leap

  • The Gilded Olympiad in Paris

  • The art of being “right on time”

  • All this, plus Kobayashi drinking a gallon of milk, and so much more

The world’s richest family can’t wait to welcome the world to its Paris.

Now they just have to keep pooping protesters out of the Seine.

📲 Siri Reloaded 

Introducing Apple Intelligence. Your next iPhone gets AI, with an assist from Sam Altman.

Skepticism from the overclocked AI hype cycle aside, whenever something gets iOS-level scale it’s a pretty big deal. But like Galloway said, "the real cheese” comes as Apple works towards third-party integration, much like the original iPhone and the App Store.

Apple didn’t just drop a billion dollar software upgrade at WWDC. We also got a meme-ready Craig Federighi parkour video:

Sony Pictures was ready to throw down the black card for Paramount, but perhaps sensing that was a road to nowhere, they surprised everyone and bought beloved theater chain the Alamo Drafthouse.

The very notion of a studio buying a theatrical chain was illegal until just a couple of years ago. With this move Sony brings back vertical integration back to Hollywood, but set against the backdrop of a rough summer at the box office, we don’t know to what end.

Speaking for everyone in Austin: don’t screw this up, Sony.

The Pokemon and Le Creuset collab you didn’t know you needed.

The burnt coffee purveyor joins LVMH, Mailchimp, Saint Laurent and others launching their own in-house film production capabilities.

Just thinking out loud: it would be super on-brand if they intermittently misspelled filmmakers’ names in the credits.

I think I might need a pair of the emerald green Skyland OGs.

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Netflix brings us the two 🐐s in a showdown for all the glizzies.

Quick personal aside: Kobayashi (“Kobi”) joined us for BWB4 at Bloomberg HQ in New York back in 2011.

Kobi sharing the story of his own ban from the Nathan’s contest

Moments later…Kobi pounding a gallon of milk

Charles Barkley announced that he’ll be retiring following next season (the presumed last for the NBA on TNT).

While we wait for Bezos, Iger, or Brian Roberts to back up the money truck and change his mind, I highly recommend following down the rabbit hole of greatest hits compilations of Chuck, Shaq, Ernie and Kenny.

Come for the laughs, stay for the churros.

He was one of the best ever on the court (he is literally the NBA’s logo) for the Lakers.

He was also the basketball genius who architected multiple dynasties in LA in the 1980-2000s, then played a hand in Golden State’s rise in the 2010s.

Here’s to one they called The Logo, Mr. Clutch, and Zeke from Cabin Creek.

You taught us so many things, like the fact that Ted Cruz likes stepmoms.

Happy Father’s Day to all of my fellow guys who’ve made the evolutionary leap to dad. Go get that big piece of chicken. You earned it.

(And if you need a good playlist for Dad, Herb Sundays has you covered.)

To those with fathers or grandfathers you’re missing, I hope your best memories allow them to be with you today.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful remainder of the weekend.


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